Abroad Series: Argentina


Thinking about going abroad? Headed to a foreign country in the next few weeks? In our first Abroad Series article, guest writer Berto highlights the good and the bad of Vanderbilt’s Argentina program. Next: The Captain’s take on Copenhagen.

In Review: Cholula Hot Sauce


  Guest writer and spicy food¬†aficionado Berto sets out to review Cholula, the hot sauce that is easily the most widely recognized in the Vandybubble.¬†

Bucketlist: First Saturday of the Month Art Crawls

Art at the Arcade

Although school is still a month away, it’s not too early to dream of new ways to have fun in the Vandybubble this fall. Flamingo Joe outlines downtown Nashville’s “First Saturday Gallery Crawls,” a series of weekend events that feature art exhibits with complimentary drinks. First “first” Saturday of the school year? Sept. 3.

Bucketlist: Chago’s Cantina and the Tale of the Chago-Rona


Sniffing out the Nashville summer drinking scene like any sensible and thirsty boozehound would, Flamingo Joe is intoxicated with a new, unique place to pregame a la noche: Chago’s Cantina. Click to find out more about the restaurant’s signature deals, drinks, and why it’s stayed hidden from those of us in the ‘bubble.

Bucketlist: Mondays at the Flying Saucer


Resident boozehound Flamingo Joe gets a buzz and builds some too about a staple Nashville destination, The Flying Saucer. Read on to hear his thoughts on both the draught emporium and the Vandybubble bar life in general. As a side note, if you’re trying to join the Saucer’s UFO Club, put our website’s name on […]