Best Tweets of the Weekend

Our favorite weekend tweets from our followers, and a couple of hypothetical ones that we wish would have happened. Remember to follow us on Twitter @Vandybubble.

Before we get into the real tweets, here are some tweets we wish would have happened….

PanHellHouseGirls: @TheBigKahuna We heard a fraternity may be breaking the rules tonight! #watchout #lookintoit

FreshmanGDI13: #thatawkwardmoment when you realize that you’re the only one who didn’t get laid during blackout week. #FML #whydidntijoinFIJI

Sportsmans: @Jeds FUCK OFF!

BradTinsley1: I love God, but if he loved me, he’d tell Kevin Stallings to stop putting the ball in my hands late in the game. #smh

VandyMedCenter: @Theta Hope everyone’s feeling better!! Remember, the pregame is just that – the pregame!! #hopewedontseeyoulater

IgnorantStudent1: Whatever SOPA is, I’m going to fuck it in the ass. What kind of teacher expects me to do a paper during #syllabusweek without Wikipedia? #wikipediasblackedout #soimgoingtogetblackout #blackweek

RandomPledge12: GET MET OUT OF HERE! #thebasement

GunnerKiel: @VandyFootball Just de-committed from Notre Dame. Looks like I’m gonna be a Commodore! Looks like they have great fan support! #fansupport 2 min ago

GunnerKiel: @VandyFootball Actually, fuck it… #gotcha #backtonotredameigo 1 min ago

CareySpear39: @BillyCundiff, I feel your pain. Missing easy kicks suck.

Sh*tSororityGirlsSay: We <333 this article!!!! #wait….whaa?? #wefuckinghateit

SeniorGuy: @FreshmenGirls Age is mind over matter. If you don’t mind, then it doesn’t matter.

And now, onto our favorite tweets of the weekend:

#5. I’m sure it was getting hot in there.

#4.  Nice to see those new third-party rules really going according to plan this weekend. Also, not sure about using “getting laid” and “frosty” in the same sentence…



#3.  Yeah, it’s all good until the driver reveals themself as an Allied Cabs driver, asks you to pay for your ride, and then tells you the card reader is down.

#2.  I don’t know what I’m more upset about. The downgrade of Kristin Cavaleri’s body or the fact that someone as goofy and miserable as Jay Cutler is boning her. The Mayans were right, we really are at the end of the world. And what the fuck is a sulkmonser?

#1.  I agree, Proof. 2morrow’s mysteries include: what dumb-ass Greek Life rule change will come next, when the inevitable backlash against the Rites line-up will begin, why Vanderbilt bananas are incredible yet the apples continue to suck, and how Kevin Stallings will manage to fuck up another close-game. 


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– The Team.

Uhh…so follow us. 

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